Start the Countdown!

It’s now less than 100 days till the wedding. Crumbs! And as Donny and I count down to our big day, our minds turns to a countdown to another high profile event happening this summer.

That’s right – the new Batman movie!

I am, of course, lying. It’s the Olympics!

And it’s interesting to take stock of what the impact is of having a massive global spectacle happening up the road when you’re getting married.

For one thing, it’s already had a pretty dramatic effect on air-fares. It’s meant at least one good friend has been priced out of coming over from the US – and we imagine a few more will discover that as they take a look online. It’s gutting, but having the wedding during the summer (rather than during the school term once the Olympic hoo-ha has blown over) meant an entire family group from the US was able to re-jig their summer vacation to Europe in order to swing by beautiful Islington and join us for the wedding.

On the big day itself, Olympic activity will mean that there are a lot more people in London than usual, so tubes and buses will be lot more crowded. But other than travelling to and from the wedding, we will be on foot the whole day so we shouldn’t be too affected by that.

Aside from all the potential negatives, what I’m really hoping will be the main Olympic legacy as regards our big day is that our visitors from out of town will probably have never seen London so spruced up – and probably never will again! For a four week window this summer, the cones will go away, the scaffolding will come down, the workmen will stay in bed and London will look like an impressively shiny global city. It’s all an illusion of course, and as soon as the visitors go home the hoardings and diggers will be out again. But for that short window of time London will be a gleaming blemish-free backdrop to our wedding.

And quite right too.

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