Back to the beginning

OK, time for a deep breath. Things have been moving along amazingly quickly…and surprisingly easily so far. Through the power of Microsoft Excel, our guest list has been finalized, menu options have been sorted and communicated to the restaurant, and quiz responses analyzed. (Yes, we know who said and thought what! But don’t worry, we won’t name names.)

Venue one (town hall) is more or less sorted, although we still have to write our vows to each other. Venue two (drinks reception) is more or less sorted as well–the key was to find a single point person to communicate with who also had the power to make some decisions and suggestions, and in this case it was figuring out who the bar manager was. I went in and introduced myself and asked for a tasting and we finally settled on drinks options that are fun, but which won’t break the bank. And most importantly, will be less hassle for me and Chris. Venue three (restaurant) has been amazingly well organized, and after dinner there we also had a wine tasting and have decided on some yummy choices (including a grape I have never heard of). And venue four (pub) has finally come together as well now that we have reconnected with a couple of people who seem to have a vested interest in making sure the pub runs smoothly. And our entertainment for the evening is coming along nicely as well.

I think also a lot of credit needs to go to the fact that Chris and I work so well as a team to get ideas generated, sorted, organized, prioritized, and then realized. Together, we do complement each other in all the right ways–from the fantastical/brainstorming stages to the practical stages.  And that’s why I think the process so far has not been as stressful as what everyone has been telling us it is supposed to be like.

A good example of this is our seating plans. Everyone was telling us that this is typically the most arduous part of the wedding planning process and one that is the source of the most arguments. With the help of a suggestion from our friend Melissa (to use paper plates and post-its) we were done in about 30 minutes. And we didn’t even need to split any couples up! (P.S. I chose a small image on purpose, so no cheating to figure out who will be sitting next to whom!)

So considering that so far (fingers crossed!) things are running smoothly, it’s a good time to reflect on the process so far, which started way back in November of last year, when after a long time of already knowing that Chris was a perfect partner for me, I finally got off my a$%e and did something about it by proposing. In fact, I even won some free Thai food kits with our story, which you can read by clicking the link. (Although I was hoping for a trip to Thailand…still, free food is always good food!). Anyways, here’s to many more sunrises with Chris!




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