A Surprise Beginning

Our big day started with something of a bang. Donny had told me he had ordered a minicab to take us to the town hall, so when I opened and the door and found this outside the flat…

… suffice to say I was taken somewhat aback. I don’t think I swore though. I’ll have to check the video again.

I don’t know whether it’s a good thing that I have a husband who is so good at keeping secrets. I guess it’s OK as long as they are right kind of secrets.

Anyway, once I picked myself up off the floor we got inside the carriage and made the 15 minute journey down to the town hall. During the ride my entire reserves of self-consciousness burned away so by the time we arrived at the town hall and were greeted by all our friends (yet another surprise!) I was ready to go and throw myself into the glorious tumult that is a wedding day.

I don’t look terrified there at all. As I think you’ll agree.

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