Monday 13th Mini Blog

Inspired by various daily Olympic micro-podcasts I’ve been enjoying over the last couple of weeks, I’m going to have a go at writing a mini blog update each day this week on the run up to the wedding. I probably won’t be blogging on Friday – you know how it is.

Today there are just four days left before the big day, and bizarrely we’re finding that the closer we get to it, the more relaxed we’re feeling about the practicalities – mainly because most things are nailed down now. We’ve briefed our key helpers, done our final confimation with the registrar and venues and it looks like we will definitely have a wedding on our hands come Friday.

Having said that, last night I only slept about two hours, which is probably down to my sub-conscious doing cartwheels about the epic implications of the week ahead, but hopefully that’ll sort itself out. Or I’ll have a flask of espresso with me on the day itself to take sneaky sips from.

Today I will be spending most of today in a cinema watching The Dark Knight Rises on IMAX – it’s important to have your priorities straight 🙂 Also today I will summon up the courage to have my final pre-wedding haircut. Probably nothing too radical – unless the mood strikes me.

The only other big outstanding job is writing some personal vows for the ceremony. It’s been a real challenge this and I’ve been umming and ahing and trying ideas out for weeks. I’ve tried trying to do something funny, and that didn’t feel right, and I’ve tried something with more formal composition, but that felt stuffy and contrived. This is a bad time to get writer’s block. Maybe I will end up just reading out the end scene from When Harry Met Sally after all…

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