More about the North Island

The north island has been lovely, although the weather has been slightly chilly. In fact, chilly enough to prevent us from doing the Tongariro Alpine Trail hike, which would have been the highlight of the north island. Instead we had to fill the time with a hike through a still active volcanic valley. What a chore.

The scenery is amazing. We started off with tree fern forests (we call them dinosaur trees because they look like the belong in that era), but shortly outside of Rotorua we were surrounded by lakes and mountains. And then the scenery turned to desert landscapes. And this morning, we were greeted by ocean views. The only other place I have ever been that had such varied landscapes is in my native California.

So far on this trip, I have driven on the left in the first time in my life, and seen active volcanic terrain (steam literally comes out of the ground!). I have also managed to deal with a chemical toilet, and sleep inside a van. And most importantly, Chris and I are continuing to learn and understand each other a little better each day–what better outcome from a honeymoon?

Next, on your more rugged terrain of the south island.





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